2019 CSNLL Local Rules

The local rules for Cave Spring National Little League are created in accordance with the official rules of Little League international. Local rules are exclusive to CSNLL but do not supersede any rule that has been outlined by the official rules of Little League International. These rules have been reviewed and approved by the CSNLL Board of Directors.  

Local rules shall be followed without exception by ALL teams.  Coaches are responsible for their team along with the actions of players/fans and shall be held accountable in accordance with Little League Baseball rules and the CSNLL Constitution.

Tee Ball: 2019 CSNLL Tee Ball Local Rules

Machine Pitch: 2019 CSNLL Machine Pitch Local Rules

Minor League Player Pitch: 2019 CSNLL Minor League Player Pitch Rules

Major League: 2019 CSNLL Major League Local Rules

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