What is Cave Spring National Little League?
Cave Spring National Little League Incorporated is a non-profit organization serving portions of Southwest County in Roanoke, Virginia. We are a chartered affiliate of Little League® International.

How do I know if Cave Spring National Little League is the right league for my child?
Please see the below map for our league boundaries. To be eligible to play in Cave Spring National Little League: (a) a child's primary residence must be within our boundaries, (b) in the instance of a child from a divided home, the primary residence of at least one parent must be within our boundaries, (c) a child must attend a Roanoke County Public School within our league boundaries or (d) a child must be a Roanoke County resident attending a Private School within our boundaries. To confirm Cave Spring National Little League is the correct league for you, please type your address or your child’s Roanoke County Public School address into the League Finder Tool at this link. League Finder Tool

How old must my child be to play?
To be eligible to play in Cave Spring National Little League your child must be between League Age 4 and League Age 16. If your child is League Age 4 or 5 you do not have to meet our residency requirements. All players League Age 6 and above MUST meet the residency requirements listed above.

How do I determine my child’s League Age?
League Age is determined by your child’s age as of August 31st of the calendar year. To confirm your child’s league age, see the below chart or click here to access the League Age Calculator. League Age Calculator

Can my daughter play Little League Baseball?
Absolutely. Little League is a coed baseball league and girls are welcome in all divisions. However, if your daughter would prefer to play softball, please contact our friends and neighbors with South County Softball.

What programs do you offer?
We offer 6 programs which we refer to as “divisions”; Tee Ball, Machine Pitch, Minor League Player Pitch, Major League, Junior League and Senior League. Click here for more details about our divisions and age groups. CSNLL Divisions and Age Groups

How much does it cost?
Exact pricing has not been set for the 2020 season, but the cost is generally $95 or less. We offer a $10 family discount for every additional child you register.

What is included in the registration fee?
In addition to access to Roanoke County Parks and Recreation maintained fields, players receive a hat, jersey, socks and belt. The league also provides bats, helmets and catcher’s gear; including a catcher’s glove.

What equipment do I need to purchase?
Visit the Equipment Information page found at this link: CSNLL Equipment Information

Where do you play?
Games and practices take place at either Starkey Park North, Green Valley Elementary School or American National Bank field, depending on the division. Please click here for street addresses and Google Maps links. CSNLL Field Locations

Who is in charge of the league?
Cave Spring National Little League, Incorporated is managed by our Board of Directors. The Board usually meets on the second Sunday of each month at 6:00pm. Meetings are open to the public. Click here for a complete list of directors: CSNLL Board of Directors

How long does the season run?
In a nutshell, early March - June 15th. League activities begin in March with Player Evaluations. Practices begin at the very end of March or the first of April. Teams will hold voluntary practices during Spring Break. The regular season begins near the end of April and runs through June 15th. For our complete league calendar, please click here: CSNLL League Calendar

What is the time commitment?
Per our agreement with Roanoke County Parks and Recreation Department, teams are permitted to hold three team activities per week, including practices, batting practices, games etc. There will usually be two activities during the week and one activity on Saturday. We try to avoid scheduling any team activities on Sundays, but if inclement weather causes a large number of postponements, we may need to reschedule activities on Sundays. Please keep in mind that the season ends June 15th. We ask that you schedule vacations to occur after that date to ensure our teams have enough players to play all of their scheduled games. See below for estimates are based on an average week. Please note these estimates are weather permitting. Junior League and Senior League information will be provided at a later date.

Tee Ball: 8-10 games, plus practices 1 game every Saturday, 1-2 practices per week
Machine Pitch: 10-12 games, plus practices 1 weekday game, 1 game every Saturday, 1 practice per week
Minor League: 10-12 games, plus practices 1 game Wednesday or Thursday, 1 game every Saturday, 1 practice per week
Major League: 12+ games, plus practices 1 game Wednesday, 1 game every Saturday; including 1 Saturday double-header, 1 practice per week

If it's raining, how do I find out if my child's game/practice is cancelled?
Our fields are maintained by Roanoke County Parks and Recreation Department. In the case of inclement weather, Parks and Rec staff will check the fields at 3:00pm and make a recommendation to our League President. If the County recommends a cancellation, we will most likely follow suit. Our League President or Vice President will then email the league announcing that activities are postponed. We will also put an announcement at the top of the homepage on our website. If the County does not make a definitive recommendation, league staff will monitor field conditions. Due to the fact that we must complete all games and practices by June 15th, we will make every effort to play scheduled games. However, player safety is always at the forefront of our decision making process. If we have any concerns that fields are unsafe we will postpone activities and will attempt to make up any games/practices as soon as possible. In case of lightning or thunder during a game, players are to be pulled off the field immediately and all players and parents MUST wait inside their cars, and not outside anywhere on CSNLL grounds. The game will not be started until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or lightning strike. For more details please refer to our Safety Plan at this link. CSNLL Safety Plan

What are the playing rules?
As a Little League affiliate, we must follow the rules set forth by Little League International. Cave Spring National Little League also sets our own local rules and bylaws. However, no part of our local rules or bylaws can conflict with or supersede any Little League rule, regulation or policy. Local rules and bylaws are reviewed and approved each year by the Board of Directors prior to the start to each season. Once the local rules and bylaws are set for the 2019 season they will be published on our website.

What is the Constitution?
The Constitution is our league's governing document. It is approved by our league membership and can only be amended with the approval of our membership. The document can be found at this link. CSNLL Constitution

Does my child need to tryout?
Players in our Minor League/Player Pitch, Major League, Junior League and Senior League divisions are required to attend player evaluations. If players in these divisions do not attend evaluations, they will be INELIGIBLE for All-Stars. Although they are often referred to as “tryouts”, evaluations are conducted merely to ensure your child ends up in the division that will allow them to excel and most importantly, have fun playing the game of baseball. Players registered in our Tee Ball or Machine Pitch divisions, do NOT need to attend evaluations. For more information, including 2019 Player Evaluation dates, visit the Player Evaluation page at this link: Player Evaluation Information

What is your player draft process?
CSNLL will follow the draft procedures recommended in the Little League Rule Book starting on Page 181.

How do you choose All-Stars?
2019 All-Star selection information can be found here: 2019 All-Star Information

How do you select your coaches?
Per rule I.(b) in the Little League Baseball rule book, “The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint managers, coaches and umpires annually.”

If I would like to be a Coach or Team Parent, how do I volunteer?
You will be given the opportunity to volunteer during the registration process. If selected to be a coach or team parent, you will be notified by league staff. You will then be subject to a background check by Roanoke County Parks and Recreation Department. After passing the background check you will be asked to pick up a County badge at the County Parks and Rec office at 1206 Kessler Mill Road, Salem, VA 24153. Your County badge MUST be worn at all times when you are on a County field serving as a coach or team parent with Cave Spring National Little League.

What is a "Regular Member" of Cave Spring National Little League?
Any adult person actively interested in furthering the objectives of the Local League may become a Regular Member upon election and payment of $5 membership dues. Only Regular Members in good standing are permitted to vote at General Membership Meetings.

What is your mailing address?
Cave Spring National Little League
P.O. Box 20674
Roanoke, Virginia 24018

I still have some questions. Can I talk with someone?
Please feel free to email our league President: [email protected]
If you would like to speak with someone over the phone, please include your phone number within your email and our President or another Board Member will happily call you to answer any questions you may have.

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