CSNLL All-Star Selection

Cave Spring National Little League plans to field three 2019 All-Star teams in the following age groups:

12U (10-12 year-olds)
This team will be comprised of the best 12-year-olds available filled in with the best 11-year-olds to form a team.

11U (9-11 year-olds)
This team will be comprised of the remaining eligible 11-year-olds and the best 10-year-olds.

10U (8-10 year-olds)
This team will be comprised of the best 10-year-olds and will be filled in with 9 and/or 8-year-olds to form the team. This team may be composed of both Majors and Minors players. Please note: Tee Ball and Machine Pitch players are NOT eligible for All-Stars.

For a player to qualify to play on an All-Star team they must have played in at least 60% of their games in the Minor League/Player Pitch or Major League division. Additionally, players will need to be able to commit to 90% of practices and 100% of the games.  Teams cannot carry alternate players and players/coaches can only participate on one All-Star team. If you have a child interested in playing on one of our All-Star teams, please fill out the commitment form and return it to your team’s Head Coach by Saturday, May 18, 2019. 2019 All-Star Player Commitment Form
NOTE: Signing of the commitment letter IN NO WAY guarantees selection to a team.

Player Selection Process
All Majors Managers will meet to form the 12U and 11U teams and ALL Managers (Majors and Minors) will meet to form the 10U team (there may be 10U players from the Majors division that are considered for the 10U team).

Manager Selection Process
Any Manager in the Majors and Minors Divisions may sign a commitment form indicating their desire to manage an All-Star team. The Manager of the first-place team at the end of the season in the Minor League/Player Pitch division will have the first right of refusal to manage the 8-10 year-old (10U) All-Star team. If this coach cannot commit, the Manager of the second-place team shall be offered the team, etc. The 10U team Manager must be in good standing with the league at time of selection and be able to commit to 100% of the team activities.  This can range anywhere from a 2-3-week commitment through possibly the end of July for the other teams.

The Manager of the first place team in the Majors division shall have the option to manage either the 12-year-old (12U) or 11-year-old (11U) All-Star team.  The 12U team manager must be chosen from the Majors division.  In the event that no Majors manager is able to coach the 12Uteam, one of the assistant coaches in Majors will be offered the position. The 2nd place Manager in Majors shall be offered the remaining available team. All interested Managers must submit a signed commitment letter to be eligible for selection as well. 2019 All-Star Coaches Commitment Letter

Tournament Dates
The District Tournaments are tentatively scheduled for the following dates:
12U – July 8 – July 13
11U - June 27 – July 3
10U – June 27 – July 3

The State Tournaments are scheduled for the following dates:
12U reporting date July 18, Abingdon, Virginia (State Winner will advance to SE Region)
11U reporting date July 11, Bluefield, Virginia
10U reporting date July 10, Norfolk, Virginia

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